Milanese, born in 1968, tone-deaf, color-blind, always ready to be astonished, always believing that a fantastic thing can happen within next five minutes, a lover of politeness, respectful to others’ problems, amazed by the fact that modesty and humility can also have negative meanings, suspicious in front of odd people but seduced by original ones, intolerant to arrogance, uncomfortable in front of ignorance, annoyed by shallowness, unwilling to believe in appearances, attracted to boldness, happily disoriented both by nature and by the work of human beings, fascinated by the light in someone’s eyes, thrilled by non-defined shadows, distracted by everyday routine, fractious to propaganda, certain that old age begins when certainties arise, absorbed in a reflected universe, curious by nature, in love with simplicity, impervious to boredom, inclined to sharing, grateful to friends, thankful for everything, convinced that often less is more, curious about the future to come and mindful about the past that brought us where we are today, conscious about the little time left, wishful to leave a sign, always looking for images able to tell reality better than it is, he finds in the technique, in the technology and in the magic of Photography his way to communicate his soul, unconcerned about who won’t listen and grateful to whom will appreciate his work. His last breath will find him glancing the panorama behind a curve, regretting about a parked car sullying a good shot, waiting for a passing person to give the right sense to his story, waiting for the actor to repeat a gesture, the singer to tone the best lyric. All this, by using a tactful eye that won’t dare to alight on the mistery of one last shot while, in a finally perfect light, he will smile to whom preceded him and, maybe, is still waiting for him.